Maj congrats are in order for Clevver TV & Clevver Style!

Clevver TV YouTube channel hits 2 million subscribers- home page

I’m SUPER late to the party, but a major congrats is in order here!

Two of Clevver’s YouTube channels have passed a huge milestone recently.

Clevver Style YouTube channel hits 2 million subscribers- photo

Clevver Style AND Clevver TV both hit 2 million subscribers on YouTube!

I’m very proud to have worked for the Clevver brand since 2012. I’m currently working on producing The Daily Hollywood Rundown and doing creative news writing for Clevver News.

Here’s a sample of my writing below!

7 Times Kim Kardashian was the CLAPBACK Queen 👑

7 times Kim Kardashian was the CLAPBACK queen- Clevver TV

Yes, hopefully by now you know what CLAPBACK means.

If not, you’re gonna have to Google it. 😁

Kim Kardashian West has proclaimed it is CLAPBACK SEASON.

So we’re counting down 7 times Kim was the CLAPBACK QUEEN on Clevver News. 🙌

Check it out in the video above!!

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Best dressed on Emmys 2016 red carpet

Of  course Clevver News brought you a roundup of the BEST DRESSED from the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last night in Los Angeles.

Get ready because the list includes bold pants, sexy sequins, and playful floral!

I wrote up this story about our 6 picks for stunners on the red carpet, hosted by my girl Miriam Isa.

Just check it out in the video above!

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Kanye West can create air

Kanye West got rid of phone to create air - quote

Cell phones are quite suffocating, aren’t they?

A tweet from Kanye West has the Internet baffled. But I’m excited.

I love it when celebs present unique ideas! Ha. Like creating air. But considering he didn’t get a cell phone until 2011, the phone reveal isn’t all that surprising for Yeezy.

Date night

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

On Khloe Kardashian’s short lived talk show, Kocktails with Khloe, Kanye admitted he purchased a phone, “…because somebody decided they wanted to marry Kris Humphries…I was like, ‘I need to call her or something.'”

It worked!!! Because…#Kimye

Yep we were really taking selfies the whole time and they are all up on my app! Link is in my bio.

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

So I guess he doesn’t really need a phone anymore 😉

Kanye always marches to the beat of his own synthesizer. This quote is a perfect example of #BeYourselfie. And I can’t wait to see what kind of AIR he creates!

My last time hosting The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver!

The Daily Hollywood Rundown hosts on Clevver News- Misty Kingma and Erin Robinson

Sorry I’m a little late posting this update…

September 6, 2016 was my last day co-hosting The Daily Hollywood Rundown show on Clevver News with my PIC Erin!

I explain at the end of the show (around 11:00 min) that I’m off for a new adventure in Denver, Colorado! Have no fear. I’ll still be working for Clevver, but now remotely. I’ll be writing breaking celebrity news and producing DHR from afar! Ha.

But that moment when Erin says “my heart hurts so bad”… xoxo

W🍂A🍃N🌾D🌻E🌱R #OpenRoad #Colorado #HowsYourAspen

A photo posted by Misty Kingma (@mistykingma) on

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Dying over this brilliant Beyonce lyric soap opera!

3 minutes of pure genius!

James Corden does it again. I’m obsessing over this video concept Corden executed last night on The Late Late Show.

He recruited actor Adam Scott and the legend Meg Ryan to use ONLY Beyonce lyrics and act out a ridiculous soap opera scene.

James Corden Beyonce lyrics soap opera screenshot

They use some of Bey’s most famous lines such as “Who run the world? Girls!”, “If you like it you shoulda put a ring on it,” and SO many more!

Sooo does this make up for James’ Carpool Karaoke beating out Beyonce’s Lemonade at the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend…

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

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15 Famously scrapped music videos that leaked online

I’m super proud of this video script I wrote and hosted for Clevver!

Get ready to learn more than you ever wanted to know about 15 famously scrapped music videos from some of the industry’s biggest stars! Starting of course with Miss Britney Spears who’s had more trashed vids than anyone.

You’ll see! 

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Selena Gomez taking time off from music for depression, anxiety

On Wednesday’s The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver News we feature a shocking admission by singer Selena Gomez about her mental health. I commend her for being honest with fans! And talking about her no-so-perfect-life with Lupus.

Selena Gomez announces break from music for despression- DHR

Also on the show... more PDA from #Drihanna this time at a nightclub and Kylie Jenner watches her boyfriend’s car get repossessed. Yikes.

Stranger Things cast gets strange on The Tonight Show- renewed for season 2!

CONGRATS to the show Stranger Things for getting renewed for a season 2 on Netflix! (Not that any TV watcher is surprised- the show has been an overnight success.)

As if to celebrate, the cast recently stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to play some games, talk about some strange things, and do some rapping. Check out my recap in the video above on Clevver!

And if you’re looking for something to do this Fall and haven’t watched Stranger Things, you should really consider taking it on 😉

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Awww Rihanna professes her LOVE for Drake!

Today in the world of #Drihanna…

Rihanna has posted a TON of photos and videos on Instagram thanking the people involved for her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at the MTV VMAs on Sunday.

Including Drake.

Rihanna professes her love for Drake on Instagram

So is it official yet?

Watch my video on Clevver News to see what Rihanna said about Drake!

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Amy Schumer throws out sexist jerk at her comedy show

At a recent show Amy Schumer threw out an audience member who shouted “Show us your tits!” because YES. You don’t let a sexist jerk get away with being a sexist jerk! Not when you’re Amy Schumer.

Watch the whole thing go down in my story for Clevver News, above.

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American Horror Story named the new season after me… #TheMist

Movie review website Rotten Tomatoes “accidentally” put the title “The Mist” next to the upcoming season 6 of American Horror Story on their site.

Rotten Tomatoes reveals American Horror Story season 6 theme- news

So naturally, everyone thinks that’s the theme for the new cryptic season.

But that’s SOOOO vague.

And I don’t really care, except I’m pretty sure they named it after me.

Find out September 14, 2016 on FX 😉

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Justin Bieber dominates solo bar karaoke on today’s The Daily Hollywood Rundown

Justin Bieber sings karaoke alone at bar in Hollywood

That’s right!

We got wind today that Justin Bieber stopped by Residuals Tavern in Studio City, CA for some solo karaoke at his friend’s bar. He was taking back Jack Daniels and singing “Great Balls of Fire”.

This is not a drill.

Also on today’s #DHR on @ClevverTV we’ve got a Selena Gomez update and Taylor Swift quietly attending Blake Lively’s baby shower.

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Beyonce squeezed that juicy LEMONADE, featuring the 2016 VMAs

Beyonce takes over VMAs with Lemonade concert recap

Queen B completely took over and brought her LEMONADE to LIFE at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards!

Beyonce performed 5 songs from her award winning Lemonade album with TONS of hidden messages and themed dancers for every song. The medley performance was 16 glorious minutes long and she changed her outfit perfect 3 times 😉

The epic *concert* ended with Bey’s “Formation” song and her dancers laying on the ground in the form of a Venus symbol as you can see below.

Check out the video I wrote and hosted for Clevver News above with a full recap and highlights!

Beyonce Lemonade VMAs performance recap

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Beyonce wins VIDEO OF THE YEAR at VMAs- Kanye goes home happy

Beyonce took home 8 Moonmen this year at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards! (Out of 11, so yeah, that’s pretty solid.)

Her wins included the coveted Video of the Year award, which she won for her visual song “Formation”. So naturally, Kanye West must have gone home happy! He is, after all, the leader of her fan club and WILL interrupt anyone who tries to steal this award from her.

In her acceptance speech Queen B started by thanking her daughter Blue Ivy (!) and her husband Jay Z. Yup, once again putting all the infidelity rumors to bed. Sound asleep now.

See who else Bey thanked by watching my video above on Clevver News!

Beyonce wins Video of the Year 2016 VMAs- see her speech

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2016 MTV VMAs show recap in 90 seconds!

On Monday’s The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver News, Erin Robinson and I broke down the 2016 MTV VMAs in just 90 seconds!

So if you missed the show and you’re busy like us- here’s the best way to recap it!

Also on #DHR we’ll talk all things that are Ariana Grande and Mac Miller going “official” on Snapchat and why Kylie Jenner couldn’t get into a club in Las Vegas. Check it all out in the video above 😉

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Best & Worst dressed on MTV VMAs red carpet! (Dirty Laundry)

The Clevver gang is back at it again with some Dirty Laundry! And it’s 2016 MTV Video Music Awards themed this time.

We’ll rundown our favorite and no-so-fav looks from the white carpet at Madison Square Garden in NYC including: Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Hailey Baldwin, and more!

Ariana Grande teases “Side To Side” music video with Nicki Minaj

Erin and Misty host The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver TV

On today’s #DHR on Clevver News we’ll tell you about Ariana Grande teasing her upcoming “Side To Side” music video featuring Nicki Minaj!

Erin Robinson and I will dish that Ari news, plus Justin Bieber helping Sofia Richie celebrate her birthday by doing some clubbing, and you know we’ve got way more where that came from!

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