Ariana Grande teases “Side To Side” music video with Nicki Minaj

Erin and Misty host The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver TV

On today’s #DHR on Clevver News we’ll tell you about Ariana Grande teasing her upcoming “Side To Side” music video featuring Nicki Minaj!

Erin Robinson and I will dish that Ari news, plus Justin Bieber helping Sofia Richie celebrate her birthday by doing some clubbing, and you know we’ve got way more where that came from!

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Bella Thorne comes out as bisexual on Twitter

Go Bella!

I love that actress Bella Thorne got super honest with her fans on Twitter and responded to a question revealing that “Yes” she was bisexual. I think it’s so rad that in this age of social media Bella could control the conversation about her sexuality herself instead of letting fans speculate. We got the honest truth from the source’s mouth.

You’ll learn all about the lucky lady in Bella’s life, more details about her split with Gregg Sulkin, and so much more. Also details about Justin Bieber spending more time with Sofia Richie and why Kylie Jenner has been MIA on Snapchat.

Just check out today’s The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver!

WOAH! @clevver was just nominated for a #streamys … And we feel a certain way! #yay #clevver #honored #dhr

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Are Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston headed to The Emmys red carpet?!

If The Emmys have anything to do with it- YES!

The award show is reportedly trying to get nominated actor Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager) to bring his superstar girlfriend Taylor Swift to the red carpet on September 18, 2016 with him.

No interviews necessary, just a photo will be fine. Thanks!

Pretty cool runnings

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Oops it’s official! Ariana Grande caught macking rapper Mac Miller

It’s PDA official: Ariana Grande is dating rapper Mac Miller!

TMZ snagged these photos of the two on a sushi dinner date in Encino Sunday night. Just one day after Ariana brought him out on stage at Jones Beach for the Billboard Hot 100 Festival to sing a duet of their song “The Way”.

Sooo we should have seen this one coming guys. (We’ve also seen her on his Snapchat recently!) Watch the video above on Clevver News for all the details on their budding relationship!

Viva Glam press day @maccosmetics ~ New 👄 Sept 1 ♡

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

And what are we gonna call them? Mari? Mariana? Arc?

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Justin Bieber’s model of the week & more on today’s #DHR!

Justin Bieber dating model Bronte Blampied- The Daily Hollywood Rundown

Erin Robinson and I have a brand new The Daily Hollywood Rundown for you guys today on Clevver News!

We’re looking FRESH in our Express wardrobe today talking all things Justin Bieber possibly lip syncing in the UK, Ariana Grande’s apparent on-stage chemistry with rapper Mac Miller, and so much more.

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Best VMAs dress of ALL TIME?

Best VMA dress of all time- Clevver

On this week’s DEBATABLE on Clevver TV we’re gearing up for music’s prom night: the VMAs.

That’s MTV’s Video Music Awards if you aren’t hip.

Me and the Clevver gang are debating over the best-most-iconic VMAs dress of all time! Naturally, I’m fighting for Lady Gaga’s meat dress which is basically synonymous with the word VMA itself.

How’d I do?

Best VMA dress of all time Clevver TV- Lady Gaga meat dress

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Justin Bieber DELETES his Instagram after Selena Gomez apologizes (DHR)

Today Vivian Fabiola and I hosted the rundown for you guys! The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver News, that is.

A photo posted by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on

We’ve got everything you need to know about Justin Bieber making good on his threat (promise?) to delete his Instagram if fans didn’t stop hating on his new love interest, Sofia Richie. It’s gone. Deactivated. Adios. You know what I think? Props to Justin for on making good on his promise and standing up for his lady! #DoYou

In similar news, Selena Gomez has sorta-kinda apologized for her comments on Justin’s Instagram, Kendall Jenner is answering 73 questions, and so much more.

Check out today’s #DHR in the video above.

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All That cast sings the theme song using Snapchat filters! (Clevver)

I caught up with the cast of Nickelodeon’s All That for their 22nd Anniversary during Comic Con in San Diego.

Of course I had to try to initiate them into the Millennial generation as best I could. I had them sing the All That TV show theme song… using Snapchat filters.

Let’s see if this worked…

We also played a lil game of “Who Said It” featuring your favorite lines from the 90’s TV show with the cast guessing who said it- check it out above!

All That cast sing theme song on Snapchat on Clevver

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 9.58.22 AM


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Celebs react to secret word “MOIST” at Comic Con (Clevver Style)

Allow me to show you one of our finer concepts at Clevver!

We had the idea of getting celebs to either say our secret word “moist” or react to hearing the word in as many interviews as possible at this year’s Comic Con.

How’d we do?

PS: Moisty Misty has been reborn.

Celebs React to Secret Word Moist at Comic Con- Clevver Style

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Gigi Gorgeous detained in Dubai for being transgender (Clevver Newsfeed)

Gigi Gorgeous detained in Dubai airport for being transgender- Clevver News

Inspirational YouTube model Gigi Gorgeous was denied entry into Dubai for being transgender. Somehow airport security got wind of her sexuality and detained her for up to 5 hours, despite her passport displaying her new identity as Gigi Loren.

Check out my report on Clevver Newsfeed below for all the details.

While this is situation no one should have to endure, I admire Gigi’s determination to share her story with the world. If no one spoke about horrifying instances such as this there would be no motivation for change.

The change we need is a more unconditionally accepting world.

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Marina Joyce posts bizarre Facebook message to fans (Clevver Newsfeed)

Marina Joyce shocks fans with bizarre Facebook plea- Clevver Newsfeed

UK YouTube vlogger Marina Joyce has shocked fans again posting a confusing message on Facebook. The open letter calls for fans to help her build a shrine in Peru to secure patrons a ticket into the after life. Marina also professes herself an enlightened God and asks for us to refer to her as ‘Goddess Marina’ from now on.

I promise you’re gonna wanna hear the rest of the story- check out my recap on Clevver Newsfeed below!

Kendall Jenner’s shocking boyfriend & Taylor Swift’s new album! (DHR)

The sassy Ryland Adams and I co-hosted today’s The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver!

I picked out today’s news headlines for you: Kylie Jenner’s bold red hair, Tyga’s arrest warrant, Kendall Jenner’s shocking new boyfriend, Taylor Swift’s new album update, and so much more.

Just check it out in the video above!

The Daily Hollywood Rundown on Clevver News

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My twin Jenna talks jewelry line on Life & Living with Joanna Gagis!

Jenna Michelle Jewelry interview on Life & Living with Joanna Gagis

My twin sister Jenna Kingma was a guest on Life & Living with Joanna Gagis to talk about her Tour Group inspired jewelry line, Jenna Michelle Jewelry.

I absolutely love this interview because Joanna really captures the inspiration for Jenna’s jewelry line and our story traveling the world together on Bravo TV!

American Horror Story reveals season 6 colonial mystery theme! (Clevver)

Sneaky TMZ uncovered the mystery of American Horror Story season 6! The theme appears to be of a colonial era mystery and the Croatoan tribe.

Hold your horses…

It actually seems like it’s gonna be epic! Check out my story on Clevver Newsfeed for the all the details.

AHS season 6 theme revealed Clevver News Misty Kingma

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Best & Worst Dressed at Teen Choice Awards 2016 (Clevver Style)

Best & Worst Dressed Teen Choice Awards 2016 Clevver Style

I covered the Teen Choice Awards 2016 last night on Clevver News!

The gang got together for an episode of Dirty Laundry discussing some fashion we loved and some looks that we did not fall in love with from the night’s blue carpet.

Ch ch ch check it out below!


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Shailene Woodley talks to me about Snowden at Comic Con 2016 (Clevver)

I caught up with Shailene Woodley who plays Lindsay Mills in the upcoming movie Snowden while at Comic Con 2016 in San Diego!

She tells me what audiences will find shocking about the movie and Snowden’s persona in particular.


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Scream Queens say HEY to the hospital life in season 2 promo (Clevver Newsfeed)

Scream Queens season 2 promo teaser Clevver News Misty Kingma

Say buh bye to KAPPA and hello to the hospital ward.

Scream Queens has unveiled a new teaser for the upcoming season 2!

I’ve got your first look and all the details today on Clevver Newsfeed.

#5 where you at? @abbienormal9 @praisethelourd #ScreamQueens

A photo posted by Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cast Comic Con interviews! (Clevver)

I chatted with the cast of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at SDCC 2016 about the upcoming 2nd season!

I asked each person what was the ONE THING WE HAD TO KNOW about their character going into the new season…

YUP! There’s more.

The LOT cast spills on what they HOPE happens in that huge 4 show crossover event coming this December 2016.

Finally, I made the cast tell me where they would time travel to if they could go anywhere… with their celeb crush…

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